Our Mission

Hand Scooped Happiness

We all deserve better — Better quality. Better ingredients. Better life.


We’ve been let down in the grab-and-go dessert world that can’t keep up with our active lifestyles. We’ve compromised taste for convenience. Quality for price. Fuel for empty calories.


That’s why our bakers and scoopers handcraft the purest, nutrient-dense ingredients without any additives or preservatives. We’re about indulgent, better-for-you desserts for all ages and households. Because when we eat good, we feel good. When we feel good, we live good. And when we live good, it’s awesome!


Thanks for joining us on this mission to change healthy desserts for the better! 



Our Values

Real Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

We believe in the whole foods approach to eating to help keep your body working optimally and minimize foods that tend to cause inflammation and chronic disease.


Obviously we’re living in today’s world with modern conveniences – this means a greater emphasis needs to be put on how our food is sourced and what it’s composed of by looking at the ingredients in prepared foods. Yes, in true Paleo form, we wouldn’t have ice cream and cookies with almond flour and coconut sugar. But the reality is, we live in the modern age and have advanced in relation to how we prepare food.




Our Founder

Meet Frankie aka Coconut Girl

I started Coconut Girl as a way to overcome my unhealthy relationship with food which affected both my mind and body.           I used to think low-calorie and sugar-free foods were healthier options but settling for cheap, processed ingredients and scary chemicals didn’t make me feel good.


As we age, our bodies react differently to the foods we eat, but our cravings for sweets remain the same. The closest thing I found was low-fat, chalky alternatives – and no decent ice cream! That’s when my coconut ice cream was born. What started as an obsession in my home kitchen churned into the nice cream sandwiches that you now see in grocery stores.


 Go ahead, have your ice cream cake and eat it too!


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